We work on research, innovation, Event management skills

We are also working in education field for growing India.

We specialize in Human Development

We are Motivating the students

Introduction SGETR

SGETR is an educational organization which is registered under the Maharashtra government. This organization is working in the educational field for developing the skills of student in various areas. We are also working in the field of research, innovation and IPR section for increasing creativity in the country. We are arranging high quality and excellent trainings which are categorized as given below:
Training Program for 8th to 10th std students - "Disha"
Training Program for 11th and 12th students - "Creators"
Training Program for polytechnic students - "Interpersonal Skills"
Training Program for engineering students - "Winners"
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Swami Vivekananda's Quotes: All knowledge that the world has ever received comes from the mind; the infinite library of the universe is in our own mind.

Our Vision

     Every parents have a dream in their eyes that their child should gain a good name in the Society and this is only possible through higher education. But this not only sufficient , we are working for making the students aware of this world and giving exposure to the finding their talent and qualities they have and working over them which will make them successful at every stage of life.

Our Mission

     To arrange various workshops, guest lectures, trainings, seminars on educational basis in various educational institute for fulfilling our vision and goal of the organization and betterment for our nation.

Our Goals

      Our goal is to encourage the student to decide their aims and objectives in life which will be useful to them as well as can be use for economical development of a country and during the sense of nationalism and love for the nation and gaining the top position in development of country by citizen of the country which are todays children.

Upcoming Events

The future always holds a lot to look forward to. Here are some upcoming events of SGETR. They include a mix of training programs, events, health & media programs and others.

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This is our most popular training program, We have arranged a workshop of time duration of 3 days for the students 8th to 10th class giving knowledge of practical and softskills.

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Core Team

Feel free to contact our Chief executive mentor,
Nikhil Joshi at nikhil@sgetr.com
Mobile: +91-9850971209
(voice enquiry preffered)




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